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Finally! More than one year after the Dollhouse-Split the first single by Chris Winter and Marcus S. Davis’ new band is ready. Make way for The Black Explosion!

Side-A contains It’s Alright Now. A short listen suffices to recognize Chris Winter’s handwriting. Meaning: Excellent performed 70s Rock. Very bluesy, playful and of late with a somehow psychedelic touch. Chris himself learned to play the organ for this song. The result is quite impressive. The first three minutes by The Black Explosion totally satisfy.

Side-B comes up with Wake up. Dollhouse‘s founding father only need another 3:44 min. to let all their skill shine. As with It’s Alright Now this means a keen sense for atmosphere and songwriting. Wake Up is quite a bit rougher then side-A. The easy-going Blues-Rock-Cocktail knows how to please.

It’s no secret that Chris Winter and Marcus S. Davis are an unstoppable team together. But it’s great to hear that new member Ginger Love perfectly fits into the trio. The Black Explosion satisfy the criteria of a new band with a new stile while still managing to keep the amenities that made Dollhouse something special: energy, authenticity, captivating sound, and a delight in playing that propels you out of your seat.

Dollhouse used to be without doubt one of the most impressive bands of the past few years, live as well as on vinyl. The Black Explosion seem to manage to walk the same path without hesitation. We’re very happy to being able to say so and are already full of pleasant anticipation considering the upcoming live shows.

The Black Explosion emerge with an outrageously great debut!

Electro Church Records, 05. April 2012

Interview with Chris Winter.
Mixtape by Chris Winter.

Homepage  The Black Explosion.

Translation by Bolle Soulseller



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